Index-Asia & Source of Asia join forces to accompany foreign and local companies in their growth strategy in Vietnam – March 2019

The Vietnamese economy is currently booming with 6% in GDP annual growth over the last 10 years. Such strong momentum has started to attract foreign small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) and investors, which are trying to penetrate this market while the economic fabric of the country has densified with an increasing number of local SMEs and family businesses. For SMEs, the key issues are (i) capital raising, (ii) business development, and (iii) market entry (for foreign entities), whereas for Investors, the challenge lies in (i) identifying of the right targets, (ii) understanding the local regulation and its constraints, (iii) conducting appropriate due diligence, and (iv) monitoring the deployment of capital.

Index-Asia, a Hong Kong-registered company, and Source of Asia (“SoA”), a Vietnam-registered company, are partnering up to provide local and foreign SMEs integrated service offering, from Market entry and business development, up until M&A, fundraising, restructuring and exit. Together, Index-Asia and SoA will be able to cover all the life cycle of SMEs in Vietnam.

SMEs and family-owned businesses in Vietnam will be able to have professionals analyze their financial results, create strategies (sourcing, market, client) and structure their transactions and partnerships to accelerate their growth and development in and out of the country. The key objectives of the partnership between Index-Asia and SoA is to (i) turn our clients into professionally managed companies and (ii) deliver tailor-made transactions that meets the needs of our clients and expectations of international investors. The latter will also get the necessary support in target identification, due diligence services and post-investment financial and operational monitoring.

Thierry Mermet, President and founder of SoA confirms: “I am confident that now is the time when it gets the most attention and the more traction for the SMEs. Discussing with my clients, Southeast Asia is often at the core of their expansion strategy and being able to advise them on all aspects of their business all across the region is a real plus.”

Julien Curtet, Director at Index-Asia, explains: “Working with SMEs in the Philippines first, we have realized the potential of the Vietnamese economy and the dynamism of the SMEs here. Being able to partner with Source of Asia in order to improve their processes, clarify their organizations, scale up and ultimately make them attractive for global capital markets is an enthusiastic challenge for all our team.”

Through this partnership, SoA and Index-Asia hope to enlarge their service offering and consolidate their network across the region. “If we manage to work on cross-border operations and attract FDIs here, this would be a great leap forward for the structuring of the economic environment of the region” concludes Christophe Péron.

As an evident sign of commitment, Julien Curtet and Christophe Péron aim at opening a new office in Ho-Chi-Minh City by the end of Q2 2019.