Juan Patag, Kerwin Yu, Solenn Heussafff, CJ Tan, Andren Dizon, Thierry Tea & Chef Patrice Freuslon

In a little over two months, the financial consulting services firm, Index-Asia succeeded in raising funds with private investors and bank loan (undisclosed amount) to develop the international activities of WIT®, a French wine-in-tube company willing to expand in Southeast Asia.

Freshly arrived in the Philippines, WIT® surrounded itself by a great team with complementary profiles (Kerwin Yu, Juan Patag, or Patrice Freuslon), and aimed at becoming the market leader and benefiting from the fast growing Wine Market in Southeast Asia.

Wishing to best develop their activities and finance their project, Drink in Tube Philippines, the group that brought WIT® to the country, has relied on Index-Asia, the financial consulting firm based in Hong Kong & Manila, in order to start a first local fundraising and accompany them in their future development. Initiated in late August 2016, the Index-Asia team managed to close this fundraising in record time, by calling upon private investors, here in the Philippines, such as Mr. Thierry Tea, CEO of PhilJets and Co-founder of WeCube Incubator. “While respecting their entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism, we want to give them the means – financial or humans – to develop their activities here in the Philippines, while educating the consumers’ palates“ said Mr. Thierry Tea.

According to U.S. Census Bureau, Trade Data and Analysis (TDA), Filipinos consume 10 times less wine than Chinese people, particularly because of the lack of good wine knowledge, but also by the low offer of “by the glass” wines, more suitable to their consumption. WIT® products appear as one of the appropriate response to this case. It’s the willingness to make wine products more accessible to all consumers the investors & team enjoyed and made them eager to take part in this entrepreneurial adventure.


Filipina-French artist, Solenn Heussaff, WIT® brand ambassador

Indeed, WIT® vision is to redefine the way we know this classic, and brings the experience of the finest wine to more discerning Filipinos. In order to embody this touch of Filipino style and French inspiration in the country, the wine-in-tube company has chosen Solenn Heussaff as ambassador for the brand. The Filipina-French artist’s talent, taste, and most importantly, her love for wine, makes her the ideal fit to represent the quality WIT® stands for. To showcase her artistic prowess, the brand has embellished the

WIT® aims at positioning itself as a leading & international brand thanks to its French and innovative know-how, as well as its values of pleasure, sharing & friendliness and with the support of its investor’s team along with Index-Asia.

About WIT®


WIT® bottle with Solenn’s artwork

Founded in 2007, the concept is originated from Bordeaux (France) and born out of the passion of an oenologist and a sommelier. Together, they reimagined the way? wine is consumed, presented, and stored. They created a technical innovation, the WIT® bottle, where each tube of wine provides about a glass’ worth of a serving and preserves its freshness. This technological innovation protects the quality of wines and spirits – even in this smaller format. Wine drinkers can experience the quality and brilliance of a fresh bottle, without having to open a new one each time.

After a successful run in France, WIT® is now expanding internationally and available in 19 countries with the aim of promoting oenology and educating the customers’ palates, as a vital part of culinary discovery. WIT® bottles are already available, and this groundbreaking wine technology has finally arrived on Manila top dining establishments.


About Index-Asia

Index was founded in 2013 by a team of young professionals in Paris to provide financial services in the field of innovation. With a strong background in finance but also in the digital industry, the founders decided to set up Index to help the managers of companies:

  • To enhance or to create a relevant business model for their business
  • To assist them during their financial operations (fundraising and M&A mostly)

In 2016, Index-Asia expanded its activities and opened up offices in Paris, Hong Kong and Manila. Its area of expertise extends from 4 main different fields:

  • Financial and Business Model consulting integrating a digital and a global strategy (specific footprint in Asia and Europe)
  • Fundraising and investors relations: Financial model building and funding research among local investors and funds
  • Divestments: Change of ownership or part transfer of shares. Optimization of the exit Acquirer research, leverage buyout operations (LBO)
  • M&A for both sell-side and buy-side: Targeted acquisitions or research of potential companies. Build-up strategy definition. Operations of ownership or part entry – LBO MBO & MBI operations.