We understand the challenges that comes with the accumulation of wealth in a family.

From family trust, business succession plans and business issues, to investments, complex tax structure, local and international regulations. These obstacles, if not planned and reviewed well can lead to business decisions and company arrangements that can negatively impact your family’s wealth.

With Index-Asia’s family advisory, we will guide you through your family’s business and wealth management related challenges. As your partner in managing your wealth, our goal is to ensure your wealth is protected and preserved for future generations

Index-Asia offers the following comprehensive platform to manage your family’s investments and grow your wealth.

(i) Full Family Office services where Index-Asia acts as the family’s personal CFO

(ii) Lite Family Office where Index-Asia acts as a platform to support existing family offices or family initiatives by providing access to selected best-in-class wealth structuring and management solutions, onshore and offshore

Our services and solutions are built around understanding what’s best for our family of clients and integrating our values of trust and integry into our work.

Investment Advisory:

As an independent Multi Family Office, we effectively structure and manage the financial assets of successful families, in full alignment of interest with our clients. We act as a “Private Investment Office” for the family, charged to protect and grow the family’s investments for both current and subsequent generations.

We operate in complete transparency and independently from the institutions (banks, fund managers or otherwise), types of investment recommended (direct holdings, funds, structures), length of investment, etc.

We cover all major asset classes, sectors and geographies; we provide guidance to the family on the strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies which best meet their risk tolerance and return objectives, as well as which investment managers to use (also looking at diversifying the ‘execution risks’).

We help design and manage the family’s optimal financial portfolio, either directly executing transactions across custodians and investment managers with the appropriate Power of Attorney or providing support inputs, analyses and recommendations for the families to execute themselves.

Key value-adds include the aggregation of data from various custodians and managers so as to have a complete picture of exposures, the pro-active risk management of positions, and the constant optimization of the costs charged by the various intermediaries such as banks and fund managers.